ShopSite Classy Theme

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Version Added: ShopSite Version 8.1

Color Options: Blue, Brown, Deep Red, Green, Olive, Orange, Silver, USA

The Classy theme includes a page, product, search, gift certificate, tell a friend, customer registration and shopping cart template which are all specific to this theme. All of the colors for this theme can be changed within the back office by changing either the page or cart colors.

Theme Colors & Backgrounds
Colors and background images for this theme can be modified under Preferences > Layout Settings.

Theme Files

Enhance This Template

The Classy Theme by default will use the Table Shade Color as the background in the header section. If you would like to change this to use an image rather than a solid color you can do that by adding your own HTML/image to the header field within ShopSite. Below are header images that you can save to your desktop, upload into your ShopSite store, and then set as your header background. Here are the steps you would take to add one of these images into your header.

  1. Save Image - Click on the image you would like to use. This will open the actual header image in a new window or new tab. Right click the actual header image, and then save to your desktop.
  2. Upload Image - Login to your ShopSite store and go to the Images screen. Upload the image you have selected into the media folder.
  3. Add HTML to Header - Copy the HTML in the text field below, and paste it into the header field within ShopSite (Preferences > Page Header/Footer).
  4. Replace with Your Information - Replace the "media/gradient-additional-red.jpg" with the image URL for the image you uploaded into your store (you can get this URL by going to Images > View Image), as well as replace "Store Name Here" with your store name.

DOBA Intergation Image Modification
If you are using the DOBA product listing integration with the Classy Theme in ShopSite, you may want to use this helpful tip for images. You may have noticed that the DOBA images are not all the same size. This is mostly because the products and their images are all coming from different drop shippers. By adding the code below, you force all the images to look uniform on your store pages, and make sure they are not jumbo size on the more information pages. Simply copy and paste the code below into a field that is displayed on all pages, such as one of the text fields under Preferences > Layout Settings.