ShopSite Cross Sell Theme

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Version Added: ShopSite Version 8.1

Color Options: Blues, Blue/Gold, Burnt Orange, Cool, Green, Pink, Primary, Sky, Southwest

This template was added before the cross sell feature in ShopSite was added. Because of this, this template uses the subproduct feature to list cross sell items on the product more information page. This template is also an entirely CSS driven template.

Theme Colors & Backgrounds
Colors and background images for this theme can be modified under Preferences > Layout Settings.

The Cross Sell Theme displays subproducts different than other ShopSite themes. The Cross Sell Theme was created before the cross sell feature was added into ShopSite, so this template uses the subproduct feature to list cross sell items on the product more information pages. If you assign subproducts to parent products while using the Cross Sell Theme, those subproducts will be listed in the left navigation bar on the parent product more information page.

Theme Files

Enhance This Template

The Cross Sell template does have a header section which is automatically populated with links including a home link and a shopping cart link. However, the background color for the header section is just a plain color, the same color used in the main body of the page. If you would like to add a more customized header you can save one of the images below to your desktop, upload it into your ShopSite store, and then add the HTML below to your header field. This will allow you to add a header which gives your store a more complete feel.

  1. Save Image - Click on the image you would like to use. This will open the actual header image in a new window or new tab. Right click the actual header image, and then save to your desktop.
  2. Upload Image - Login to your ShopSite store and go to the Images screen. Upload the image you have selected into the media folder.
  3. Add HTML to Header - Copy the HTML in the text field below, and paste it into the header field within ShopSite (Preferences > Page Header/Footer).
  4. Replace with Your Information - Replace the "media/crosssell-swish-red.jpg" with the image URL for the image you uploaded into your store (you can get this URL by going to Images > View Image), as well as replace "Store Name Here" with your store name and "store slogan goes here" with your store slogan.