ShopSite Dynamic Theme

Theme Image

Version Added: ShopSite Version 11 sp2

Color Options: Red, Pink, Blue, Navy, Purple, Green Accent, Classic, Orange, Playful.

Theme Colors & Backgrounds
Colors and background images for this theme can be modified under Preferences > Layout Settings.

Theme Files

To modify any of these template files you would go to Merchandising > Custom Templates, and click on the section the template file is in (i.e. "Product Templates" or the product template files or "Include Files" for include or publish files). Then click on "Copy ShopSite Template." Make a copy of the ShopSite template you want to edit. Save changes. Then make a copy of your copy and rename it the exact same name as the original. (You can then delete your original copy with a different name). Your copy will override the original template file. If you ever want to revert back to the original template file you can simply delete (or rename) your copied file and regenerate your site.

All Templates Using the Dynamic Theme Files
The Dynamic theme files are used by 5 different themes. The ShopSite built in themes that are using the Dynamic theme files are the Boutique Theme, Dynamic Theme, Picture Theme, Pinwheel Theme and Trend Theme.

Enhance the Dynamic Theme

Product Layout - There is an alternate product template for this theme which eliminates the add to cart portion of the product information from the category pages, only including that information on the product more information pages. To use this option you can go to Products > Edit Product Layout, and change the product template for all products from the Dynamic-Product.sst template to the Dynamic-ProductCustom.sst product template.

Multi-Add-To-Cart Template - You can download the Multi-Add-To-Cart Dynamic Template version 11 sp2 ZIP File to get ready-made page and product templates that create a single add to cart form to allow customers to add many products to the cart at once. To add this in other templates or your own custom template you can refer to the Creating A Multi-Product [Add To Cart] Button help page in the ShopSite Custom Template Cookbook.