ShopSite Elite Theme

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Version Added: ShopSite Version 8.0

Color Options: Blue, Green, Orange, Salmon, Silver, Tan, USA

The Elite Theme is setup to give you as the merchant many options to customize your pages. The header section in this template is completely open so you would be able to add your own header to fill the whole header section with text, graphics or by using your own code (such as HTML).

Theme Colors & Backgrounds
Colors and background images for this theme can be modified under Preferences > Layout Settings.

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Enhance This Template

Elite Theme Enhancement

Get This Look

Add the following code into the header field. Replace "Store Name Here" with the name of your store.

Elite Theme Enhancement 2

Change The CSS To Get A New Look

Go to Merchandising > Custom Templates > Includes > New Include, and name a new include file "elite_001_pa_styles.css" then paste the code below into that file.