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Version Added: ShopSite Version 10 sp1

The Sleek theme is a legacy theme. If you are using the Sleek theme, it is recommended that you change your template to a responsive design theme such as Underline.

Color Options: Classic, Baby, Blue, Blue/Green, Bold, Faint, Fresh, Gray, Green, Happy Baby, Holiday, Muted, Ocean, Pink, Primary, Rainbow, Spunky, Warm

The Sleek Theme includes both page links down the left, and store links at the top. This template includes many graphics as part of the layout. You would not be able to change these graphics from within the back office of ShopSite, but you can hange the rest of the colors on the page including the link colors, background colors and text colors. When customers click to go to one of the pages listed on the left, that page will be highlighted (assuming the link to that page is on that page). One unique feature within this template is how the subproducts are displayed (see below).

Theme Colors & Backgrounds
Colors and background images for this theme can be modified under Preferences > Layout Settings.

The Sleek Theme displays subproducts different than other ShopSite themes. Subproducts are displayed in a pull down menu. If you would like the parent product to be listed in the pull down menu as well, you can add the parent product as a subproduct of itself. This will make is so that the parent product is listed in the pull down menu along with the subproducts. An example of this can be seen below. Each of the options within the pull down menu is its own product.

Not using this theme but want to have your subproducts displayed how the Sleek and Congruence themes display them? Click here to learn how you can add this subproduct feature to your custom template.

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