Variable Name, Price, and SKU

You can use ShopSite’s variable name, price, and sku in your custom templates. Variable names allow the customer to designate the name of the product before adding it to the cart. Variable price allows customers to specify the price, and variable SKU allows customers to type in the SKU of the product they are purchasing. This is a great feature to use for donations, custom work, customer specific purchases, etc.

This sample code will display the Variable Name if you have it turned on. Otherwise, it will just display the name. If you do not have the checkbox marked to display the name, it will do nothing. The same applies for the other two sample codes.


    [-- IF PRODUCT.VariableName? --]
    <b>[-- STORE.ProductName --]:</b> <input name="[--PRODUCT.RecordNumber--]:name" size="20" value="" type="text">
    [-- ELSE --]
    [-- PRODUCT.Name --]
    [-- END_IF --]

This sample code will display the Variable Price. Note that the "$" is outside the code.

Price: $

    [-- IF PRODUCT.VariablePrice? --]
    <b>[-- STORE.Price --]:</b> [-- STORE.CurrencySymbol --]<input name="[--PRODUCT.RecordNumber--]:price" size="4" value="" type="text">
    [-- ELSE --]
    [-- PRODUCT.Price --]
    [-- END_IF --]

This sample code will display the Variable SKU.


    [-- IF PRODUCT.VariableSKU? --]
    <b>[-- STORE.Sku --]:</b> <input name="[--PRODUCT.RecordNumber--]:sku" size="10" value="" type="text">
    [-- ELSE --]
    [-- PRODUCT.SKU --]
    [-- END_IF --]

NOTE:If you are using NameStyle, PriceStyle, or SKUStyle, you will want to replace the bold tags in the above examples accordingly. If you are using the NameSize, PriceSize, or SKUSize tags you would also want to place them here.

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