Shopping Cart Page Template: Surcharges

This example shows how to place the surcharge selection list on the Shopping Cart Page using the [-- SC_Surcharge --] tag. Note that the surcharge feature is only available in ShopSite Pro. This tag will produce no output in a ShopSite Manager store or if the merchant has not enabled surcharges.

  • Surcharges are displayed as a line of text and one or more drop-down lists. The [-- SC_Surcharge --] tag produces a single-cell HTML table containing the text and form fields.

Surcharges CSS

The CSS selectors for surcharges are:

table.surcharge The table containing surcharge text and pull-down menus.
td.surcharge The cell containing both the surcharge text and the pull-down menus.
select.surcharge The select list of surcharges.

This example is the same as the one above, plus it includes a style sheet with selectors for some of the surcharge elements.

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