Order Fulfillment

Multiple Payment Solutions

Each customer in your store may have a different preferred payment method. Some customers may prefer to pay with a credit card, while others may prefer to use their PayPal account. You can setup multiple payment options in your ShopSite store so that customers can pay how they want.

DOBA Dropshipping

ShopSite has integrated support for Doba drop shipping service. Merchants can sign up with Doba and select from over 1,000,000 products to automatically import into their ShopSite store. Customer orders will automatically be forwarded to Doba for processing and shipping.

Doba works with several suppliers to provide merchants with a wide sellection of products to sell. Merchants can use Doba's catalog search tools to select products to sell, then import the products into ShopSite with the push of a button. Because your cost on the products is a low wholesale price, you can make money selling at the MSRP.

Packing Slips

Order fulfilment is made easier with ShopSite's packing slips. The packing slips contain all the order details except the billing information. Packing Slips can have customizable headers and footers, an option whether or not to display prices, even product images can be displayed on the order detail page and on packing slips.

Barcodes & Tracking Emails

Streamline your order processing and order fulfillment with unique order barcodes, and automatically send out order tracking emails to your customers just by adding their tracking number to their order in your ShopSite back office.

Avalara AvaTax

Taxes--the bane of our existence. Especially when we have to calculate and track them. Well, ShopSite makes it easy to calculate taxes due, without a lot of headache. ShopSite has also partnered with Ava Tax (in ShopSite version 10 sp1) to provide you with on-the-fly and up-to-date tax calculations.