Managing Your Online Store

Bulk product import/export

You've got a thousand products stored in an offline database. Re-keying those products into your online store could take a lot of time--and money. ShopSite makes it easy to get those products into your store. Within a few minutes, a thousand products are part of your online store.

Real-time shipping rates

Enable the shipping provider you plan to ship your products through, and ShopSite will display real-time shipping rates to your customers. You can choose USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post or Australia Post.

Inventory Tracking

Want to keep track of sales so that you'll know when to reorder products? How about limiting sales so that you don't oversell a limited-edition product or one that you don't want to reorder? ShopSite's inventory tracking module can do that for you, and can even send you e-mail messages when stock of a product is low or out. It also can prevent customers from ordering a product that is out of stock.

Customer Registration

Customers can register at ShopSite Pro stores to make ordering quicker and easier. ShopSite remembers customers, including preferred payment methods and previous "ship to" addresses. Merchants can assign customers to different customer groups, and give each group it's own coupons for discounts to entice customers back to the store or to reward regular customers.

User Roles

Merchants can manage and track individual user access to the back office. Pro stores can additionally restrict individual user permissions as needed to specific roles.