Shopper Experience

Last updated Mar 20, 2020

JavaScript MiniCart
Minicarts on a website help a shopper see how much they have in their shopping cart, as well as provide them a link back to their cart after continuing shopping.

Breadcrumbs are good for SEO because they give navigation structure to your website. They are also good for shoppers because they provide an easy way to go back a category to find related products.

JSON Product Microdata
JSON microdata tells search engines details about your products so that search engines can display detailed product information such as review stars and product pricing to visitors in search results before they even click through to your website.

Cross-Sell / Up-Sell
Cross-selling and up-selling are good for you and your customers. When you list related items, similar items, or item upgrades, customers are more easily able to narrow in on what exactly they want, and they can add additional products to their cart that will work well with what they are already interested in.

Allow your customers to add products to their wishlist to save for later or tell friends and family about.

Responsive Design Overview
When getting started with responsive design there are a few things you should implement and be aware of including meta tags for mobile, and tips for responsive design.

.htaccess File Redirects
You can use your .htaccess file to create redirects for old pages. This helps search engines find newer and more important pages, as well as helps your customers in case they find an old link to an old product.

Ajax Sign In
Enable your customers to sign into their account without leaving the page they are on with the Ajax sign in feature.